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Smartilizer helps you succeed by using our solutions and expertise to become more competitive in your field

Digitalization Solutions

Our proven digitalization process begins with a collaborative effort between experts from Smartilizer and our customers to analyze and map the customer’s processes. This provides the needs and first set of requirements forming the basis for the digitalization and development of customized solutions where the customer follows the development all the way to implementation.


We offer highly qualified and cost-effective development services. Our expertise and experience cover systems architecture, development of web applications and traditional IT, mobile applications, embedded software, Machine Learning and AI.


Our senior management team comprising experienced industry executives, offer customized consulting for selected clients in the area of digitalization, maximizing benefit from research, structuring R&D efforts, improving innovation, and moving into the AI-world

Business Areas of Expertise

Manufacturing Systems
Building & Construction
Waste Management
Banking, Finance & Insurance
Mobile & Telecom
Tourism & hospitality
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Our Tech center, located in one of the world’s software and hightech hot-spots, has a dedicated team of highly qualified engineers with expertise in these areas





C/C++, Embedded

Web Applications

AI, Machine Learning

Federated Learning

Business process optimization and IT transformations

  • Pain points evaluation
  • Business process maps analysis and optimization
  • Enterprise system gaps identification
  • Technical solutions architecting
  • Develop solutions
  • Implementation support and training
  • System maintenance and further releases

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Computer Vision

Natural Language Processing

Diagnostics (e.g., IoT & sensor fusion)



Setting up Federated Learning System

(TFF, FATE, Paddle FL, PySyft)

The article "Open-Source Federated Learning Frameworks for IoT: A Comparative Review and Analysis" tells you about the current state of existing open-source FL frameworks, including their applicability in IoT systems.

It is available here: https://www.mdpi.com/1424-8220/21/1/167

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